About Little Lyn Studio

Little Lyn Studio first started accepting orders in April 2020. We source and handmake reusable cotton face masks on the sunny island of Singapore.

They are designed and carefully sewn by a lady (my mom!) who's had over 40 years of tailoring experience. Her eye for detail has only gotten sharper over the years :)

They come in sizes to fit a range of face shapes so even the more petite among us won't have to struggle with a drooping mask.

We select only 100% cotton fabrics, fit them with a malleable soft nose wire and added on a pair of adjustable elastic ear loops for that extra oomph and comfort.

Most importantly, the mask is completed with a filter layer within. It is light in weight and provides the ultimate protection that is suitable for daily wear.

We take pride in creating quality products that you will enjoy, and hope you love them as much as we love putting them together.


With Love,
Little Lyn Studio